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Understanding Orthopedic Treatments

Hey everyone, my name is Belinda. When I was a young girl, I injured the muscles in my legs performing complex gymnastic moves. I was under the care of an orthopedist for several months during the recovery period. I had to complete a number of strengthening exercises to regain my range of motion and mobility. The orthopedist performed regular examinations to determine if the given treatment was working. I will use this site to talk about different orthopedic treatments. I hope you will visit my site often to learn about this fascinating subject.

Understanding Orthopedic Treatments

    Busting Orthopedic Myths: Knuckle Popping And Arthritis

    Arthritis is a serious orthopedic problem that affects millions of Americans every year. Its causes can often seem mysterious to many people, which has caused a weird variety of myths about where it begins. One of the strangest of these myths is the idea that knuckle popping is connected with arthritis. Does Knuckle Popping Cause Arthritis? Popping your knuckles has absolutely no effect on arthritis. The origination of this myth is unknown, but it may have something to do with the loudness of the act.

    What You Should Know Before Getting A Cortisone Shot

    When you struggle with pain from arthritis or other conditions that cause pain and inflammation of your joints, cortisone shots are often recommended. These shots contain a type of steroid that helps to reduce inflammation, which can then help treat your pain. Here are some things to know about cortisone shots if your orthopedics specialist is recommending them. The Procedure is Over Quick While getting a cortisone shot is a little more involved than a vaccination shot, it is not a complex procedure.

    Joint Replacement Surgery: Reasons To Consider Robotic-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

    The success of hip or knee joint replacement surgery requires precision on the part of the surgeon in placing the artificial implant. Because robotic- or computer-assisted surgery aids surgeons in achieving more successful patient outcomes, its application is becoming widespread, particularly in the area of orthopedic surgery. Although robotic-assisted surgery generally improves clinical results, the final result still depends on the surgeon's ability and the severity of your condition prior to surgery.

    Preparing Your Home To Recover From Your Knee Replacement Surgery

    You're scheduled to have that painful knee replacement surgery so you can walk comfortably again. You're looking forward to getting out of the hospital and recovering at home. To make sure that you have the easiest recovery possible at home, do a little preparation to get your home more recovery-friendly. Here are a few tips to help make your home recovery safer and more comfortable. 1. Clear a path through each room.

    Improper Wheelchair Posture Can Cause Back Pain

    If you use a wheelchair, poor postural alignment may be responsible for causing your back, neck, and shoulder pain. Although the purpose of your wheelchair is to provide mobility, a wheelchair can also help stabilize weak torso muscles to keep you upright when you sit. As a result, using proper posture when you are sitting in your wheelchair can prevent unnecessary backaches and muscle pain. Why You Feel Pain Generally, people tend to slump back and slide themselves forward in a wheelchair in an effort to feel more stable.